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Math 5 will be aligned with the 5th Grade Common Core Standards, while Math 5+ will follow the Common Core Standards for Grade 6. Ms. Alexander will teach Math 5+ and Math 5, while Mrs. Simonte will teacher Math 5 and Math 4+.

All students within the Birmingham Public Schools are expected to be able to complete 100-fact math tests within a given time frame. Addition, subtraction, and multiplication tests are to be completed in three minutes, while students are allowed five minutes to complete 100-fact division tests. Tests will be given periodically throughout the school year. Please continue to review math facts (through 12's) at home with your child. The following websites contain a plethora of useful math games:

Unit 1: Fractions

Important Things to Remember for this Unit:

Unit 2: Decimals

Unit 3: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

  • Our Unit 3 Test will cover the following concepts:
    • predicting the results of multiplying a fraction by a fraction, a fraction by a mixed number (or improper fraction), and a mixed number by a mixed number
    • multiplying fractions less than one
    • multiplying fractions by mixed numbers
    • multiplying mixed numbers by mixed numbers
    • converting from improper fractions to mixed numbers
    • converting from mixed numbers to improper fractions
    • understanding that dividing by a number is the same as multiplying by its reciprocal (ex. 9 รท 1/3 = 9 x 3)
    • interpreting story problems to determine whether multiplying by a fraction or dividing by a fraction is necessary
  • Helpful things to remember:
    • All answers must be in simplest form. This means that improper fractions must be converted to mixed numbers, and that any fractional piece must be fully reduced. (See the video links and study guide below for help!)
    • In story problems, certain words signal the operation to be used. The words "product" and "of" indicate multiplication. Whenever something is being split (divided) into pieces or groups, division is necessary.
    • THINK about answers after completing a problem. If the problem states you are splitting up half of a pizza equally between 6 friends, would it make sense for each friend to receive MORE than half of a pizza? (No!). The correct answer of 1/12 makes sense though.
  • When to Multiply and When to Divide with Fractions in Story Problems
  • Multiplying Fractions Video (Word Problem)
  • Dividing Fractions Video (Word Problem)
  • Multiplying Mixed Numbers
  • Change Improper Fraction to Mixed Number
  • Convert Mixed Number to Improper Fraction

Unit 4: Multiplying Decimals

  • Our Unit 4 Test will cover the following concepts:
    • Multiplying whole numbers
    • Multiplying decimal numbers
    • Multiplying by powers of ten
    • Solving multiplication word problems with whole numbers and decimal numbers
    • Understanding place value shifts when multiplying by decimals less than one and by powers of ten
  • Pages 143-144 in the Student Math Journal are a good indicator of what to expect on the test! Quick Quiz 2 (which was passed back on Friday, February 7th, is also a great tool).

Video: How to Multiply With Decimals
Video: Powers of Ten
Notes: Multiplying with Decimals
Decimals Jeopardy

Unit 8: Measurement & Geometry